Friday, 29 August 2014

a bear called...

I don't often mention work on here - perhaps an effort to keep this entirely separate, perhaps because it rarely seems relevant in this context. But this week there has been a teeny crossover, unusually, between my crafty unwind time and something close to my heart on the work front.

I am involved with a couple of charities for people with lung conditions, British Lung Foundation and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is a condition which results in scarring in the lungs, reducing the normal stretchiness of the lungs and making it difficult for oxygen to get into the body. Sufferers have progressive worsening breathlessness which affects all their activities. The cause is unknown, there is no cure and it causes 5000 deaths a year in the UK. 

September is 'global PF awareness month' and activities are on worldwide to raise funds and awareness of this devastating disease. We have a few things planned, one of which is to have a 'name this bear' competition'. He (or she?!) needed something to link him to the campaign so I have spent the last couple of evenings knitting him a jumper in APF colours - just have to add the lung logo now...

I knitted this in the round, from the bottom up, and added in the sleeves as I went. I'm not sure it is completely even as I had to do a bit of 'on the hoof' shaping to account for his considerably fatter tummy than chest! There was definitely a bit of guesswork involved but overall I think he looks quite smart! If a bit sad-faced...

Any suggestions for names for me to throw into the competition??!

If anyone is interested, there is a very moving video on you tube made by the wife of a sufferer which illustrates how this condition affects not just the person with the condition, but also their families. I hope raising awareness will help to focus the attention of those commissioning healthcare services and funding research.

Makes you count your blessings.

S x


  1. Thank you for giving us some insight into this. Bear names ? Fuzzy Bear ?

    1. Ha ha - good one Penny! Will add it to the list! :)

  2. The bear is gorgeous.. Well as for names Abe, Apple, Aggie, Pogo, Paloma, Prissy, Peanut or Freddy, Fergie, Francis, Fallon

    Thank you for making me aware of this disease. I never knew anything about it until now.

    1. Thanks Paula, some names I hadn't thought of there! :)


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