Wednesday, 13 August 2014

banishing Bertha...

Sunday saw the remnants of 'Bertha' pass through the county. I think we got off pretty lightly in Norwich really but there was an awful lot of the wet stuff! At one point the wind was blowing so hard that even with a fast shutter speed I couldn't avoid a bit of blurring as the fuschia waved about madly. A lot of them ended up on the deck but it seems that these delicate looking little blooms are pretty resilient. And I have to say this plant has given the best value - it started flowering in early spring and has been covered in colour ever since, with nothing but neglect from me!

At one point it was raining so hard that it sounded as though a bath was being emptied down the side of the house! Not sure the gutters were up to the job! Those lines on the picture below are rain, just coming down in what my mum used to call 'stair rods'. (never quite understood the connection between rain and stair rods but there you go, linguistic quirk perhaps?)

I discovered its pretty tricky to capture raining on the window, even when there's lots of it!

At one point there was a break in the rain and we took the opportunity to nip into town for a few things - before long the sky was heavy again...

I just managed this shot of the castle before the heavens opened again...

and as we headed home, we came across this huddle of hardy tourists. So loving that brolly!

Within just a few minutes the skies had cleared and the sun was trying to show through again...

Something very fresh about raindrops glistening on the plants...

All in all, I thought Bertha was a pretty mild mannered hurricane, at least by the time she got to us! Hope you all got away with no more than a drenching.

S x


  1. You got some lovely shots there.

  2. I love your raindrop photographs. We got off lightly too, thank goodness. Just lots of heavy rain, which probably did the garden the power of good after all that lovely sunshine we'd been having x


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