Sunday, 10 August 2014

evening musings...

After an unexpected shift at work, I was a bit desperate to get out and enjoy the last couple of hours of sunshine yesterday. It feels as though this year is just flying past and already the trees and gardens are showing signs of approaching autumn. I have to confess to a slight degree of panic about this - something to do with the speed with which my life seems to race by and the fact that I so struggle with long winters and can't quite bear the thought of this lovely summer coming to an end.

Tom and I took the opportunity for a sneaky coffee in a little cafe courtyard...

Just occasionally I wish I liked milky coffee! His looked lovely but actually my black coffee tasted fab and I know I hate the taste with milk!

This is a pretty courtyard with timber framed buildings, though it looks as though at some time years ago another floor was added so it has a rather strange 3rd layer that looks much more modern.

After coffee, he went off for a night out with friends and I wandered. I love my little house and for the most part I am ok with my own company, but just sometimes I can't bear the thought of going back to the emptiness. Silence is a mixed blessing and I have completely conflicting feelings about being on my own - the freedom and independence is undeniably liberating; I can do what I want, eat what I want, when I want... But deep down I think we are social beings and I guess we all need or would like the companionship of someone kind to share life experiences with. And there are always days when your kids or your friends are busy with their own lives and families and it is these times when the reality hits you in the face a bit, that actually, this may be how its going to be, always. And then I wonder where I went wrong...

Anyway, with these slightly maudlin thoughts in mind, I just walked, first round the shops and made a few unnecessary purchases (gawd help me, I even bought a Christmas present! This has to be a record for me!) then kept walking until I got to the cathedral grounds where there was a spot to sit in the early evening sun...

The cathedral close is really beautiful. It is the site of the Norwich School - a public school which undoubtedly provides for a privileged sector, but what a fabulous setting for school rooms. The seagull in the photo was doing its best to wreck the scene by systematically emptying the rubbish onto the grass!

I rather love this sculpture, lit by the evening sun which was throwing long shadows by this stage...

The cathedral is a beautiful building and I think the kids that go to school here are very lucky to be educated in such great surroundings. 

I'm not sure I completely banished my low mood (just me that notices all the couples strolling along hand in hand??!!) but it shortened the long evening at home considerably!

Today's another day, and I'm giving myself a kick - really have nothing to complain about on the grand scale of things! Best go and make something of the day!

S x


  1. Oh don't think about winter yet .... I can't bear the thought of it!
    I've never been to Norwich. It looks beautiful.

  2. Norwich does look a wonderful place! Suzy x

  3. I have to agree, Norwich looks lovely. Autumn and Winter each have there own beauty so don't worry - I think we'll still have a little bit of summer before then though :)

  4. Looks like you made the most of your summery evening.


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