Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beeston hill...

It has definitely felt a little bit more autumnal this week so it seemed essential to make the most of another lovely evening. I started off just driving in vaguely the direction of the coast (this is be fair, that means anything from about 10 to 5 on a clockface from Norwich!) then when I got up to the North Eastern bit of the coastline I had an urge to go 'up' so I drove West along the coast road until I got to Beeston Regis, Sheringham. 

Beeston Hill is one of the highest points in the county, at a 'mighty' 60-odd ft above sea level. Now I appreciate that hardly counts as a 'peak' and it is also known as Beeston Hump or Beeston Bump, so we have no delusions of grandeur!
Nonetheless, as you head up there it gives you a great view over the town and the coast...

This bench had a little plaque to commemorate a couple who loved to spend time here - what a lovely spot to sit and breathe the sea air...

Looking inland you can see across Beeston & Sheringham to the North Norfolk countryside - in spite of common myth, lowland but not entirely flat!

This was one of a number of wartime 'Y' posts - wireless intercept points where messages from enemy shipping were picked up and sent to the Bletchley Park decoding centre. Seems a far cry from the relative tranquility of the place now.

As I walked back towards the town the sun was getting lower in the sky and looked as though it was streaming through the gaps in the clouds...

There were still a few people on the beach, including one fairly small boy with this lovely kite...

I hadn't really noticed the wind turbines in this shot until I got home and put them on the computer; rather like the juxtaposition though - the static uniformity of the turbines with the freedom of the kite, both harnessing the wind. And actually, I quite like wind turbines anyway, something quite beautiful about them - though I know not everyone feels the same!

Surprisingly difficult to capture a kite in reasonably strong breeze, particularly with somewhat excited small boy on the other end of the string! Neither were exactly keeping still!

I do  love the seaside...

Hoping for more sunshine tomorrow...



  1. Just lovely, it's nice seeing it from up high.

  2. I've never been 'up' the hill, must stop there one day. Love how you captured the sun rays streaming through the clouds.

    1. It's not a long walk by any means (though you can do it as part of the longer coastal path) but it was lovely to look down along the coast. Blew a few cobwebs away too!


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