Monday, 23 May 2011

damp walls and blog therapy...

Today is not going to plan! I am struggling to find a happy place right now - I cannot make the presentation I have to give on Wednesday look right, the bathroom has sprung a major leak so as I write I have a plumber here making sucking teeth noises and running up and down the stairs, because of the leak the water is off so I can't do the washing I had planned to do today and I have had to shelve going to see my Mum or getting out for a walk until said plumber is done (he's been here an hour so far and no sign of finishing yet...). To cap it all, the bank tells me my 'net worth' is minus £14.74!! Rubbish! That means that out of all the accounts we possess and between the 2 of us working we still have no money! In fact less than no money!!! Add to that one of the cats having decided that leaving the house for your ablutions is just too much trouble - I have threatened a one way trip to the vets this morning! Fortunately for them, I a: can't identify the culprit and b: can't afford the vets!!! 

I am only joking of course, chuffed I was not, but pets are for the duration aren't they, wouldn't dream of dispatching them really.

I mean how could you...

This is one seriously relaxed cat...

I couldn't possibly be cross with him for long!

Anyway, I just had a little look round blogland and have been cheered up by some lovely posts - especially loved this one of Bunny Mummy's - I could almost feel myself unwind a bit as I looked at Jacquie's beautiful photos. I do find a little bit of bloggy time just helps me to escape a bit especially when things are a bit rubbish in the real world.

So I looked at the few photos I've managed to take this week (I have hardly managed to get a chance to get out with the camera!) and thought that maybe there have been some happy spots after all.

The poppies are out in the garden...

These are just bright red but somehow the sunlight on it made it look these fiery orange colours. They are getting a bit of a battering in the high winds today but they are lovely while they last.

These little geraniums are the most vibrant purple.

The fruit trees are all beginning to have baby fruit... apples...

...and plums...

There are so many plums coming this year we are likely to be doing battle with the wasps I expect - they seem to know just the point when the fruit is ripe and sweet and have been known to completely strip the tree!

Our little pond is full of wildlife and doesn't seem to have suffered too much from our major clean up operation a few weeks ago (you could barely see the water, it had got so overgrown).

I should probably pull out some of that floating weed which seems to be trying to take over again - no sure what its called, we call it duck weed but I don't know if we just made that up?! Just behind the iris in the foreground are several water lilies - looking forward to seeing them later in the year.

I have never noticed the flowers on this tree before (its proper name is Robinia pseudoacacia - I know it as False Acacia, but I just looked it up and apparently it is also known as Black Locust!) - not sure if they've been there and I've just not looked or if its the first year its flowered. We planted it about 12 years ago and it is probably pretty much up to its mature height now. The leaves are bright yellow green and this year it is covered in these pretty flowers - they remind me of laburnum flowers.

Away from the garden, I have to just update you on the sock-knitting progress!

Inspired by Alice, who knits the most amazing socks, and a book I was given for Christmas I decided to have a go. I am a sock knitting first timer and I'm not sure (in retrospect!) that this pattern was the simplest one to start with! Knitting two at a time up from the toes seemed like a good idea but its a bit fiddly and the two balls of yarn get tangled up all the time. However, I have plodded along and O am getting there!

Ignore the fact that these are particularly unflattering pictures of my ankles (I'm sure they don't look that chunky really! Do they???!) - in spite of the fact that I've had to juggle the pattern as I go along they seem to be a reasonable fit and I'm on the 'Knitting the leg' part now!

I think part of my problem with the pattern is that I've probably used the wrong sort of wool - although its finer than my usual DK its probably a bit chunky so they were in danger of coming up enormous. Also the pattern requires you to do a bit of measuring, tension square making and maths - none of which I could be bothered with (to be honest, I couldn't work the maths bit out...). I suspect these may end up being a 'house' pair of socks but as a first attempt I'm quite pleased so far. I think I might try Alice's pattern next time as they look so lush and a lovely snug fit. Not sure I'd go for the two at once on the circular needle next time...

And then, final happy thing...

We have finally thrown these away! After 2 theory tests, 3 practical tests and exorbitant amounts of money son 3 finally passed his driving test on Friday - hurrah! I had very mixed feelings as he set off on his own (in my car!) Friday evening but he would have been so upset if he'd failed it again and I think this time he is ready to drive safely. I just have to spend the next few months hoping that he will gain experience and not be distracted by a car full of friends - that is the scariest part. I can't quite believe all my babies are now independent drivers! Definitely another step towards adulthood - how old do I feel now!?

Oh and thanks to Pauline and Penny for your comments on my last post - I didn't really get the maths bit either but thought the crochet was very impressive! And I did think there was something interesting in the idea that everyone can learn through play - not sure that is able to happen in schools as much as it should!

Here's to blogland!

Til next time


  1. Our son passed his test recently too. What a worry!
    You couldn't be cross for very long with such a cute cat .... so laid back!

  2. I missed your post about the hyperbolic isn't it, I would have loved to participated in the coral reef project. Your garden looks lovely and spring like and I sure you will look back on today later on and think it was not so bad. My naughty cat got caught short on the bed the other night and woke me up to a nasty smell.....she had been trying to wake me but I must have been in one of those exhausted mother sleep like the dead sleeps. It sure woke me up!


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