Monday, 16 May 2011

hooky happiness!

Two cushion tops completed! I've been hooking like mad for the last couple of days to get these cushions finished in time for next week's wedding.

Don't know why, the colours look a bit dull on here, but I think they're ok in reality. I just have to decide what to do for the backs - I had in mind recycling a jumper Attic 24 style but haven't managed to find anything suitable yet! 12 days to go... if I don't find anything this week I will be knitting or crocheting like mad next weekend!

The problem is I have almost reduced my rowan cotton stash to 'nothing'...

At least, I'd have to buy some more to make two backs... for thought - any ideas?

Just have to show you this...

I know this is not a very good photo (oh, for a decent zoom lens...!) and you might think this is a bit sad but I was very excited to see a pair of goldfinches in the garden today! We get loads of birds but until recently not many finches, then I started putting out niger seed and as if by magic... They are such striking little birds, don't you think?

Til next time,



  1. ooh those are lovely not sur about the backs as I'm not stitchy or hooky !
    Wonderful finch - we had a nest once the eggs didn't hatch.

  2. very pretty cushion covers Sandra. If and when you want to replace your Rowan cottons go to their prices are very good and always have special offers on.

  3. I LOVE your cushion covers Sandra! Beautiful colours xxx


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