Monday, 30 May 2011

the magic of a wedding...

This weekend saw my friend Kathy marry her William...

No trees lining the aisle at this wedding! The tiny church was decorated with simple flowers and candles and 75 of us just managed to squeeze in with standing room only. The bride looked stunning and their happiness was visible for all to see. For both, this is second time around and long awaited and I think everyone there wished them much love and contentment together.

It was a really lovely day. The sun even decided to show its face just before the wedding party left the church.

I love little children at weddings - they are always just that lovely mixture of fascination and indifference to what is going on!

This little girl was swinging backwards and forwards peering over the balcony in the church.

Kathy is clever with making cards and arty things and there were lots of lovely personal touches...

Each table had a flower name with handwritten place cards...

The top table was appropriately labelled...

And the wedding cake was spectacular...!


Til next time


  1. What beautiful decorations! I love the rose petals strewn around and those cakes!!! Lovely xxx

  2. Wow , those cakes look yummy !!!Did I spot some emergency jelly babies on the top table :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. There is something for you on my blog!! xx

  4. Jacquie, you are right about the jelly beans! Isn't that a great idea - I think the groom had most of them!

  5. Wonderful cakes,looks like the perfect day

  6. once again your photos are gorgeous, and as for that!!!! Is this the lucky couple who got the cushions from you?


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