Saturday, 30 July 2011

a little finished object...

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments after yesterday's grumpy old woman post! It's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling a bit disgruntled at times!

Today, I have taken a deep breath and enjoyed a bit of colour and you will be pleased to know all my things are back where they should be in my corner, just possibly a bit neater...

A little while ago I indulged in some cheerful Rico cotton... turn into an Attic 24 inspired pressie for my littlest nephew who will be one in two weeks time. And the night before last I finished him!

Ta dah!

I didn't have a pattern - just the photos in Lucy's blog to go by, so sort of made it up as I went along but I think it turned out ok. He has a couple of bells in his tail so he rattles and is about 130-140cms long.

I used a mixture of double crochet and half trebles, started at the tail with a circle and then just kept going round and round, increasing fairly evenly where it felt right until I got to 28 stitches in a row. Then I just carried on in different width bands of colour until it felt long enough (I didn't measure so I'm guessing a bit on the length - he's quite long!) then increased a bit more for the head. I stuffed him as I went along - which made him a bit bulky to work with in the end, but meant I could decrease at the top of the head until it was a small enough hole to run a thread through the last few stitches and pull the hole closed. The only thing I would do differently I think (if I did it again!) would be to use double crochet all the way as, although it looked quite dense as I was working, the stuffing does show through a bit in places, especially in the darker colors. The other thing I'm a bit rubbish with (and wonder if anyone has any tips?!) is keeping the join even at the end of each round - I found the beginning of each row kept drifting across and I had to really work at it not to end up with a spiralling join going round the snake. I don't know if that makes sense - I guess it will if it has happened to you too! I suppose its something to do with what you count as your first stitch to join into at the end of the row and then where you start your first stitch on the next row...anyway, any words of wisdom gratefully received!

I followed Lucy's advice regarding the eyes and went with crochet rather than buttons so that it's baby safe and for the tongue, crocheted into a few loops on the head so that it is really secure.

I think he's quite cute! Hope the small person likes him!

Only thing is, I now have a little stash of left over colourful cotton, probably getting on for half a ball of each colour... so have to come up with something to do with that now!

Til next time,



  1. LOVE him.
    I'm a sucker for rainbow colours, they speak to me!
    Not sure about joining rounds thing- I had the same problem with a recent project too. I think that I didn't skip a stitch after the ch3 and missed one before I did the slip stitch.
    Sorry, that's about as clear as mud.
    Someone will know, I'm sure!

  2. Gorgeous snakey! I am also LOVING the array of crocheted cushions and throws in that last photo. Can't help with the joining in rounds I'm afraid, but will be watching here for useful advice.

    I meant to comment on your last post too... will move onto that next!

    Well done again on your snake :)

  3. Sssssensational!!!!! What a wonderful gift for the little one! Very cheering to make too, I bet. How about making dish or face cloths? xxx

  4. Yay the snake is gorgeous!! So colourful, little man is going to love it. Also liked the peek at all your yummy cushions and blankets. Glad you reclaimed your space :-)

  5. Love the colorful snake, I have the Rico yarn too and am making an Apple Cosy in the purple for my daughter. Joining in the round, put a stitch marker in the first join and then keep moving it up as you go. Hope that helps. I am just about finished my blanket and after seeing your cushions I think I will have to make some to go with the blanket.
    x Sandi


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