Friday, 8 July 2011

sleepy cats and 60mph photos...!

Thankyou all so much for your nice comments - funny how 6 months ago, I truly felt I was happy just to keep updating my little 'electronic diary project' regardless of whether anyone read it. I still sort of feel a bit like that but actually I really enjoy the interaction with all you lovely people out there in blogland and I love to read your comments. 

I also love to look at other great blogs - I am constantly fascinated by the fact that you get a snippet of life on the other side of the world or from someone looking at things from a totally different perspective to me. I am slightly conscious that I am at risk of spending way too much time following other posts, so am trying to be strict with myself about blogging time and how many more blogs I add to my list to follow!

But...I did want to share this one with you...I have had a couple of nice comments from Mikko Tyllinen who is an artist in Finland (somewhere I have always fancied going to visit!) and I had a curious look at his blog. He creates some beautiful colourful paintings - very clever! Pop over and have a look if art is your thing!

Also thought I should just even up the cat pics and feature Basil today as Jemima took the spotlight last time!

He is actually looking a bit of a poor old thing just lately - they are both 14, which I suppose is no longer young for cats but Basil has had his share of 'health issues' along the way and spent several months on medication which they now think may have slightly damaged his kidneys. Sometimes he still behaves like a kitten but I'm not sure the recent hot weather has been great for him - he moves so slowly around and just seems to sleep where he stops, sometimes in the oddest positions. He's definitely got a bit scrawny again and for some reason, when he's not quite right, his coat seems to lose its soft, black shiny feel and turns a bit brown.

Excuse all the clutter in the background - we are moving son 2 into a tiny flat for his uni work experience and he seems to have an unbelievable amount of 'stuff' to take on Saturday!

As far as the cat goes, I suspect that sleeping (or pretending to!) in the hotspots doesn't help...

Have you tried telling a cat he probably shouldn't get overheated and please, could he drink a bit more water?!

Hasn't been much time for photos this week, but I did snap these out of the window of the van we borrowed to collect some stuff for son 2's big move (thank goodness for freecycle! we have virtually furnished his flat with donated items!)...

As you might know, I have a bit of a thing for clouds and skies and these sun-rays just looked like they were pouring through the gaps in the clouds. (I'd like to point out that while I was hanging out of the window, trying not to get my camera blown away, R was driving, not me!) 

Til next time then, 



  1. Beautiful kitty!! Those rays in the sky are beautiful :)

  2. Cool pictures! Love the last one with the sun streaming through.

  3. Oh Basil is as gorgeous looking as Jemima, it looks as if his head was taken as a black and white photo and his body in color. My cat Meggs is 14 too and she acts like a kitten a lot of the time. We love clouds and sunrays and sunsets here. We have been known to oooh and aaarr over huge bloodred/orange suns as they are setting.
    x Sandi

  4. aww so cute kitty! wonderful pictures! beautiful light!

  5. I love the title of this post!
    I have an aging cat, Lucy. she was never very big but sometimes looks so scrawny, she also keeps waking up in the night for attention so we bought some pheromones especially for cats to plug in at night, we think they work!
    as long as they are not in pain they should just keep going I guess!

  6. Hi Sandra! It is so nice to meet you.

    I just love Mikko's work. His work is amazing and in addition, he is such a sweet person.

    I have an aging toy poodle. Bert is 15 and has had a host of health issues for a couple of years now. We take it one day at a time, and hope for the best.

    Your photographs are wonderful, and I absolutely love the second shot of your "kitty."

    Have a great night!


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