Friday, 15 July 2011


This week feels like it has been mad busy and I am really tired so should head to bed but if I don't have a quick catch up tonight think I will forget what I have been up to since I last posted! So... this is what I have mostly been up to this week...

Moved son 2 into his first proper flat! He's going to be here for a year while he has a work placement year before going back for final year at uni. This has involved another trip up to Derbyshire (this time in a Transit van - not to be recommended! ...more of that later!), much sorting, packing and unpacking, endless hunts for affordable 'homemaking' stuff (thanks heavens for freecycle! amazed what some people are giving away!), calls to insurance companies (never my favourite job) etc etc. Its pretty small and a little bit institution-like (ex-sheltered housing!) but will do him fine and he's pleased with it. Of course, til he gets paid for the first time he has NO money so this month has cost me an absolute fortune... I have laid the emotional debt heavily on the line and let him know that I expect to be well cared for in my old age...! Can't bring myself to photograph his empty room at home - really feels like he's left properly now!

This made me smile - the rest of the flat was pretty sorted out but the bedroom...! He assures me its all tidy now!

Had a quick trip to Burton-on Trent for provisions for the boy, essentials like internet connection, rug and lampshades (my 20 yr old has suddenly got an interest in homeware shops!!!) and wandered through one of the shopping malls early on Sunday before anything  much was open.

Loved the light through this roof and the blue details but these ladies were a bit freaky...!

Norwich to Derbyshire in a transit van I wouldn't recommend, except...I wasn't driving so took my knitting and crochet along and on the way up finished these...

Difficult to take pictures of your own feet! These are my 3rd pair of socks, knitted with Opal sock yarn and a pattern I found on the 'net called Easy Thin Socks. It was straightforward enough to follow but I don't think I liked it as much as the last pattern I used so won't be using it again. I sort of wish I'd bothered to match the yarn colours cos it kind of irritates me that they look a bit like odd socks. This pattern has made them come out a bit baggy at the ankles but on the plus side - I love this yarn, I'm definitely getting quicker at socks (finished these in a week!) and I've finally mastered kitchener stitch! Go me! 

On the way back I got going on the next hooky project, inspired by two Lucys! Smallest nephew will be one next months and I loved this over at Attic 24 and followed Tete en l'Air's link to the cucumber patch for a yummy yarn treat...

This is Rico Creative Cotton, which I have never used before but have seen others mention - as people have said it is pretty splitty which is a bit of a pain but it was seriously good value and such gorgeous bright colours - perfect for this little project! I was very impressed with the service - ordered about 11.30am on the Friday and arrived just before we left on the Saturday at 10.30am - perfect timing!!

I also couldn't resist this half price ball of Noro Kureyon sock yarn...

Can't wait to see how it knits up!

Also this week...

...saw Romeo & Juliet in the cathedral cloisters. I know this is a bit blurry but this was The Scene (you know, the 'Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo...') so I just had to quickly snap. Sadly, my silly autofocus little camera thought I really wanted a picture of the girl in front's hair! It was lovely. Beautiful setting, funny and moving, and inspiring that something written so long ago is as relevant and entertaining today. Loved it. But look at the clothes people were wearing! Mid July and I had mitten envy cos the woman sitting next to me was much better prepared than I was!

The cathedral spire looked imposing form our seats. There are a couple of peregrine falcons up there at the moment and they flew around periodically through the performance (no respect for the emotional passages of Shakespeare!).

The cloisters provide a stunning backdrop...

The sun was just beginning to set at the interval and the clouds were just tinged with pink...

By the end, the cathedral was lit against the night sky...

Lovely evening.

And in between all that, I've been at work for almost 12 hours each day this week! Which is where I have to be in less than 6 hours! So 'nuff rambling, must hit the pillow!

Til next time!


  1. HI Sandra!
    Wonderful pictures! Oh that sucks looks beautiful! wordeful work! and photos frome Romeo & Juliet are awesome!

  2. Gosh how quickly they grow, my eldest is 28 and his brother is 22 and my youngest (girl) will be 21 this year, they were just babies when I last looked!!!!
    I would love to own some of that Rico, but it is so expensive to send over the pond.
    Love your socks the color is gorgeous, I love knitting up yarn like the noro to see how it unravels and how it knits up.
    The catherdral is stunning.
    x Sandi

  3. I'm so impressed with your sock knitting. I'm just learning and finding it so hard! That book looks like one I need to get hold of. Anything with Easy and Knit in the title.

    Keep going with the rico, you'll develope a knack to cope with the splittyness.

    Boys flats!!!! I dread to think how my boys will live when they move out. If the mess they create now is any thing to go by.



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