Thursday, 21 July 2011

simple pleasures...

The smell of freshly ironed clothes...

I have a bit of a contradictory relationship with ironing! I can't say I particularly enjoy it - in fact I loathe the sight of a growing pile of washing and I hate the fact that no sooner is it done than there's more waiting in the wings!

But...I do quite enjoy the sense of satisfaction from finishing a pile, when it looks neat on the airer and has that lovely 'clean' smell - especially when it's been dried on the line!

Simple things! Or is it just me?!



  1. Definitely simple things, and I know just how you feel!

  2. I love the new banner!!!! And yes I have to agree with you about the smell of ironed clothees, especially if they have dried outside on the line. That clothes horse reminds me of my nana as she had one. My sister and I had lots of fun making it into a den!!! xxx

  3. Hi Sandra, yes I'm with you! That depressingly fast growing pile of crumpled clothes, but then the smell and sight of lovely smooth ironed things :) And I just love the blanket and cushion in the background.


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