Monday, 10 October 2011

autumn mists...

We had a few beautiful misty mornings when we had that lovely warm weather last week - waking to a chill in the air and thick mist across the fields with a promise of glowing sun to burn it away...

Last weekend I dropped my eldest son early at the train station and drove back 'the long way round' which took me near the river and the marshes where the light and the mist was really pretty.

The hedgerows were strewn with dew-coated spiders' webs...

The sun soon began to drive the mist away and this turned into a scorching day, which gave us an unexpected October trip to the beach (more of that another day if I ever get round to downloading the photos!).

I love to be in the hills and they are in very short (non-existant!) supply in Norfolk but there is no denying the light and the wide skies are very beautiful at times.

Til next time then


  1. Gorgeously ethereal photos of your beautiful start to the day. penny

  2. How very very beautiful. I love days that start like this. Lovely photographs.

  3. Sandra, these are wonderful images!
    The first one here is truly amazing.
    I love the wonderful mood of it.
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend!


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