Monday, 24 October 2011

first quilt reveal...!!

At risk of being excessive - this is going to be two posts in the same day! Mainly because I feel a need to keep on top of the things I have queuing up to post about and I am away in London for the next couple of days so know I won't have a chance again til the end of the week, by which time I expect there will be something else! I know that sounds a bit mad but I expect you know what I mean!!

Also, this felt like a completely separate thing to the last post and I wanted to keep them that way for to quilting!!!

It's done!!

This is my first attempt at quilting, inspired by lots of gorgeous examples around blogland. I had been thinking about it for some time and had most of the fabric stashed away for 'when I had time'. Then I decided to just get on with it, with the idea of giving it to a friend who was moving and had been having a bad time.

I'm quite pleased with the end result; ok, should have made it a bit bigger for a double bed, and up close and personal some of the finishing is not perfect (how do people get their corners to mitre perfectly back and front? or do you not bother with that?!!) but overall I'm happy with it.

My only problem is...

...having helped my friend move house the week before last, I now realise this goes with nothing that she has!!! She has a houseful of muted purples, and browns and blues and I think this brightness might look out of place! Worse still, it might just get folded up and put in a cupboard and not used and I'm not sure I can bear the thought of all the work that went into it and it not being used! dilemma I give it to her anyway? After all, the idea was to give her something made with love for her new home... Or do I keep it, because I like it and it fits in here?!!!

I'm erring on the latter at the moment with a view to collecting the 'right' colours to do another for her - does that seem unreasonable?

I'm tempted to have a go at a quilt pattern I found in this magazine...

The light was a bit rubbish so I didn't take a photo but it has strips of large patches in different sizes - very effective.

I'd never seen this magazine before and it got me very excited! Lots of lovely ideas for projects in here!
Might have to sneak this one in now and again!!!

And one last bit of news for tonight that I just have to share because I'm bursting with it...! Results day finally arrived for my MSc dissertation today and I passed! This last 3 years, studying part-time (with no study leave and no let up at home) has been such a challenge that I can't quite believe its come to an end. I feel as though I have learnt loads and finally (I know this is ridiculous...), finally, I can put to bed my rubbish A-levels and think I must have a reasonable brain after all!!! Yay!

I just can't quite believe my Dad's response was 'what next?'!!! Life, crochet, friends, reading...all that stuff that I've had to squeeze in round the edges!

Til next time then


  1. This is your first attempt Sandra?????
    It is just beautiful.
    You have much to be proud of!

  2. Oh oh oh i say keep, it looks great on your bed, an absolutely beautiful quilt, but then your friend might just change her color scheme cause she'll def fall in love with it!!!!!
    I'm not much help, am i :D
    Congrats on your exams, great achievement
    Karen Xxxxx

  3. I love how much your patchwork quilt and the crochet blanket look so good together, what a choice to have to make, but if you love it and it's not her color choice maybe the decision has already been made!?
    I'm no help either, so what did you decide??
    x Sandi

  4. I'll have to look out for that magazine...looks inspiring :o)

    Love the quilt...what a fabulous finish! I can see why you would want to keep and as you should if you've be inspired to to work in your friends colours. Besides it gives you another excuse to buy fabric and do more sewing... :o)


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