Saturday, 15 October 2011

October on the beach...

Thanks to you all for your kind comments on my last couple of posts - I do try to reply personally when I can but there are some 'no-reply' commenters so to you nice people, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my little bloggy world and leave me your thoughts. It is surprisingly exciting to know that anyone likes to read my ramblings! 

Finally, I got around to taking my beach photos from a couple for weeks ago off my phone! I couldn't believe I'd forgotten my camera so these are iphone pics. It was a bit tricky to take photos as it was so bright that I couldn't really see what I was taking because of the reflections on the screen!

I still can't quite believe that in the first week in October, in the UK, we were able to sit on the beach in summer clothes and the kids swam in the North Sea!

The water was unusually clear...

...and the sun was sparkling on the ripples...

Even the smallest people enjoyed digging holes in the sand...

I do love the coast, expect this will be the last 'hot weather' beach outing this year - lovely late summer treat!

On a different tack, very tempted to tag along with Heather and Lucy and their Ripple along... I've been making very slow progress with my Big Ripple Blanket, seriously distracted by lots of other projects along the way and could do with a bit of motivation to help it along!

This was taken in June and I think I've only added a couple of rows since! Off to add a row or two now!!

Til next time, happy rippling if you are too!



  1. At first I thought October on the beach, nothing odd about that and then I remembered you are in the Northern Hemisphere LOL It looks like it was a gorgeous day! Good luck with the Ripple Along, I couldn't get your picture to load so I have no idea how far along you are? I saw a post by Lucy the other night and she is zooming along ;-)

  2. I love the beach pictures - it's sometimes easy to forget how lucky we are with Norfolk's sandy beaches. And then we get a FROST! I had a day trip to London yesterday which involved catching a train at early-o-clock and there was definite frosting on all of the fields. Brrrr.
    The ripple blanket looks great too - sadly an ability to crochet isn't one of the things we have in common! I'm only just figuring out knitting!
    Good to pop over again :-)


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