Saturday, 1 October 2011

photo hunting...September

I almost got this post out on time - it was just about ready to go yesterday when I realised I'd missed one picture! So I have to confess that one was taken this morning so didn't quite manage all in September!

This month I have tried really hard to get the photos in Kathy's list - some of them were a serious challenge for me but here are my offerings for September...

Back to school...

I really struggled here! I don't have any school age people any more and am not anywhere near a school I improvised... 'Back to school' when I was a child meant shoe cleaning! My Dad was a stickler for smart shiny shoes and would have had a fit at this pair!

Football season...

Equally challenging! Not a huge football fan and no small boys to go and watch anymore... was going to take a photo of son 3 reading a book - he can't abide football (he once told me he'd joined in with the football at school - as a goalpost!) and takes to his books when the football takes over the TV. Then I spotted this window on a trip to London this week!

What's in your bag...

I'm not really a huge, overstuffed bag person - I never quite know what people put in them, think its from years of working in a job where carrying a bag wasn't an option! But for my day out to London this week I had a few more bits - scarf in case I got cold (it was 27 degrees on Wenesday! But I was glad of it by the train journey home again late in the evening), purse, camera, CK purse of 'essentials', and current knitting (next pair of socks!!) - think my phone and some tissues must have been in there too! 


Sons 1 and 3 looking pretty relaxed at Harvest at Jimmy's...


The harvest was so early this year, this one had me scratching my head too - the fields had all been emptied near me. Then I spotted this at the festival at Jimmy's farm!

A pile of things...

Or several piles, in fact! This is part of the grand study clear out and rearrange - how much 'stuff' does one family accumulate! I have bagged up 5 big bags of books to take to the charity shop tomorrow - although it slightly grieves me to part with books I think I have to be realistic about what we are ever going to need or use - lots of this I had forgotten we had even got! Plus a pile of discarded phones - again something that just grows - particularly in a house with 5 mobiles on the go! Must try to recycle these...


This is the one I forgot to take yesterday! I'm loving the fact that everything has a neat little home in this newly found bureau!

Public phone box...

There aren't many around now are there! Rapidly becoming obsolete in the aftermath of the ubiquitous mobile phone...most villages round here seem to have one very dingy overgown one but once again London came up trumps with these two scarlet beauties just before Primrose Hill

Something taller than you...

So many possibilities here but these were lovely trees.


...on the tree in my garden.

A road sign...

Is this cheating? It is a road sign...!

A view from above...

In London again, just off Carnaby Street.

I enjoyed the hunt agian this month so thansk to Kathy - wonder what's on October's list?



  1. You have some lovely photos there, and what a great idea. I'm going to have a scratch back through your posts to find out where and how I can join in!
    xXx Helen

  2. All great photos. I particularly love Back to School and something taller than you. This is such a brilliant idea and I really like your take on the themes. penny

  3. Great photos! I love the apple, and view from above.

  4. wonderful and beautiful photo's i love the apple and the back to school, i failed completely last month must try harder this month!!!

  5. Great photos! It's nice to see the red phone boxes looking as good as new! There are hundreds around here but a lot of them are not well maintained. I like the view from above too.

    I can't wait to see the new list!

  6. Well done and great set of photos. I didn't manage August or September...must do better in October! :o)

  7. Super photos. Love the red phone boxes and view from above. I struggled with football and school as well:)

  8. Cheating? Of course not (have have something on the edge of cheating every month, so I'm right there with you). Take it to the limit, I say, because we get better photos. Also love your "telephone box" entries. I guess they are getting rare everywhere, but at least yours are those lovely red ones and stand out. I didn't find a single one in the entire month!

  9. Great shots - love the view from above!

  10. Great photos! I really liked the photo for taller than you and the back to school one.

  11. Looks like this one was fun, nice new socks your knitting :-)

  12. The road sign definitely counts, the spider would agree anyway! I really struggled with a red phone box and wish I had tried harder! E x

  13. Great photos, but do you know what I really liked? Your desk, it's beautiful and exactly the sort of desk I'd love to have.

  14. Brilliant photos Sandra - love how you can see what's on everyone's plate in the view from above! (I love to nosey at other people's food in restaurants!) xx

  15. I love the clarity and perspective in your photos , especially the shoes :-)


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