Monday, 31 October 2011

October photo hunting...

When I first saw Kathy's list for this month, I thought it was going to be a relatively easy one; in fact I had a couple in the bag within the first day or two and then... A combination of working long hours and lots going on has seriously cramped my opportunities for photo scavenging and most of the hallowe'eny ones eluded me completely! 

So, again, incomplete list I'm afraid - seriously short on imagination, I think my creative mojo is exhausted for the moment!

I didn't manage sunset (believe it or not, I don't think I have managed one night back from work before dark this month), something eerie, witches hat/broomstick or heritage but here are the rest...

Crunchy leaves
The light in the woods near to us was lovely at the weekend and, although you can't see it so well, the ground is strewn with fallen leaves.

Golden (1)
Golden (2)
Ok, this month's cheat category! I couldn't decide between these two, so you have both. I thought the dandelion was an unseasonal splash of bright golden yellow, but liked the golden light through the much more seasonal autumn leaves.

Fog or mist
Can't remember if I've already posted this photo? This was early in the month with the sun just coming up through thick early morning mist.

A river
This was a pretty river from my brief trip to the Derbyshire Dales.
Black cat

Next door's cat obligingly appeared on their roof of their shed and this photo was snapped with a telephoto lens hanging out of the bedroom window!



Or pumpkins! We have a great market in our nearest city and these beauties were brightening up the pavement.


This is not a pretty one to finish with but was the only bit of graffiti/street 'art' I saw this month! Not a very arty specimen! Just through the arch was a really lovely park in the pretty town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch so this was kind of a surprise.

Off to have a look and see how others have got on this month!!

Oh just one more photo to end on a nicer one to look at...

Really enjoying the King Cole Riot! Its lovely and smooth, no snagging or splitting and makes lovely soft, drapy fabric. One Christmas pressie completed and another in progress (oh and the ripple sort of on hold again...oops!) - more of that another day!



  1. I struggled too, especially with the Halloween ones, which I thought would be easy. I love your golden dandelion, and the thought of you dangling out of a window to get a black cat proves that scavenging makes us all mad!!!

  2. You're not the only one to struggle this month - I did too.

    Well done for what you achieved.

    Pop by and check out mine - a bit of cheating this month I'm afraid.

  3. The photos you have managed to get are great, especially the black cat.

  4. What a pretty cat and how obliging of him to look up so sweetly :-)
    That dandelion is gorgeous too - it's a great list :-)
    Ellen x

  5. Well the ones you have managed are wonderful! I love the light through the trees on crunchy leaves and your candlelit one also the black cat. It has been a difficult hunt this month hasn't it?

  6. Beautiful photos, I lover that misty one especially! I think I have that King Cole yarn in the same colourway lurking in the back of a drawer half knitted up into something which wasn't working. Having seen yours I must get it out, do some frogging and rework it because the colours are lovely.

  7. Great photos! I really like the river and crunchy leaves.

  8. Well done! Like the dandelion - so bright.

  9. I also found the list challenging this month. You've taken some beautiful photographs, well done.

  10. These are wonderful Sandra!
    I especially love the second to last one.
    It is beautifully composed, and the natural frame is fantastic!

  11. I found this hunt quite challenging too! Thanks for your comment - I do know what you mean about seeing the crunch in my leaves!

    I think the photos you did take are fantastic, I've really enjoyed seeing them. I recognise that river, it's not far from me and if I have recognised it correctly, it's part of a lovely walk we did last year -

    I love the look of that yarn in the lat photo too!

  12. Love your crunchy leaves shot!

  13. Next doors cat has the definition of 'cats eyes!' he's a stunner!

  14. Oh what beautiful photos. Next door's cat is very handsome!

  15. Great selection of photos all of them, I love that first one the light is just amazing.

  16. Lovely photos even if you didn't do them all ! The black cat is gorgeous & I love the mist shot & your candle.

  17. The candlelit one is really lovely - well done for a great set of pics.

  18. Lovely photos, at least you got the mist one.


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