Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ripple update...

Not sure why but the photo of my Big Ripple Blanket seems to have disappeared off my last post. And, irritatingly, I can't find it again! I'm sure its somewhere, filed in a folder called crafty pics, or colourful pics, or home pics... The trouble is, when I file things away (virtual or otherwise) it makes perfect sense to me at the time - its only later that the brain fails to engage with the filing system...

Anyway thought I'd post a few photos of my very slow progress on the ripple...

9th January 2011, things started quite well! By 15th January, I had got this far...

Then I sort of lost my mojo for rippling, got sidetracked by other things and suspect it wasn't much bigger when I took this photo in April...

Little bit more rippling in June, but it was way too hot really to sit outside with a blanket on your lap!

Thing went a bit dormant for a while again then just lately I've picked it up and given myself a bit of a talking to! Spurred on by Heather and Lucy's Ripple-along, I'm determined to get this done!

This was todays photo...

It is already quite big and heavy, but I really wanted it to be a Big Ripple Blanket and cover a double bed so...onwards!

Heather and Lucy's flickr group has loads of lovely ripply photos so if that's your thing...

Happy rippling!



  1. i love the colours on your ripple blanket, and it's growing nicely isn't it. I think i might try a combination of single and double rows next time!!
    i'm trying to complete a stripe or two a night depending on whats on tv!!!

  2. It looks fab! I def want to learn how to make one x

  3. Trust me, you are not the only one with filing "issues!!" :-)
    This is just beautiful Sandra.
    It reminds me of a rainbow.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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