Wednesday, 12 January 2011

best laid plans...

Oh dear...

Seem to have scuppered my good intentions already - what did I say about planning to get fitter again, get out every day, find the happy things in every day...???

Currently on enforced 'sofa' slumming having partially torn a calf muscle on Monday! Eek...would like to be able to say this was a true sporting injury, sadly more a case of being over-competitive with youngest son on Xbox Kinect! This was my Christmas concession to gaming (which on the whole I loathe) but this clever gadget does make it necessary for you to get up and jig about in a very silly way, and does get you out of puff. Also, apparently, requires you to use muscles that you probably haven't used properly for a while (in my case) and so prone to 'sports injury'!!! I now have a very sore left leg, which I can't walk properly on. 

Result - unplanned time off work to rest it and hope that it heals quickly. Am slightly struggling with this concept of sitting still, and feel very bad re work as there is such a lot on the go at the moment. However, I really cannot do anything about it so have taken to the sofa surrounded by magazines, coffee, crochet and a bit of work I can do remotely.

On the plus side...this gives me unplanned permissible hooky time! And yet another failure at my good intentions! Couldn't resist these lush purple yarns for a friend who has a birthday this month. She is a 'purple' girl for sure and I hope she likes these wrist warmers.

The colours don't look quite as lovely as they do in reality but it is such a dull day again here that it is hard to take a photo in good natural light. But they are giving me a little happy lift - more so because I know I will finish them today!! Might even be tempted to make some for me... And I don't feel too guilty about the spending because this yarn was sooo cheap! Just £1.20 per 100g ball from the funny old fashioned haberdashery shop nearby - it is a fascinating shop stuffed floor to ceiling with fabrics, buttons, zips, etc etc. Everything is higgledy-piggledy and it is always a bit of a challenge to find anything never mind get what you want off the shelf! And very dark in the way that overstuffed shops are - barely any light ocming through the very full window displays. Wool is not really 'their thing' but they have one small wall of shelves with a random mix of mostly fairly economy yarn - some seriously dodgy colours but these were perfect.

One more happy pic:

These are just gorgeous and cheer me up immensely - well worth the few pounds I paid for them!


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