Thursday, 27 January 2011

laughter is the best medicine...

Just a quick post... just back from team 'Christmas' do! I know it's the end of January but life was so busy in December we just couldn't find a night we could all manage. And actually, having a night out in bleak January was something to look look forward to, it can be such a long grey month.

Now, working in a heavily women dominated environment has its pros and cons - there are times when a bit of balance wouldn't go amiss and our little team has its share of minor conflicts. But on the whole we all get on well and we have laughed and chatted for a good couple of hours over good food and a nice glass or two of merlot, to the bemusement of the rather officious waitress (who I'm sure thought we were all barking when we wished each other Happy Christmas!). Definitely good for the soul.

And does anyone else feel that a sneaky money off voucher makes you feel smugly pleased? Ages ago I rather inadvertently signed up for vouchercloud - LOADS of bargains to be had! A whole lot of stuff I never want to use but quite a bit that I have used. 40% off tonight!!! Fab!!!

Plus... a couple of sneaky confessions about things coming up next month that are exciting... Girl's Weekend Away, weekend after next - we have done this every year for about the last 16 years and it is bliss! The group has varied a bit over the years but the format is essentially the same - wine, good food, laughter and a bit of 'activity', very little washing up and no other demands. Can't stress just how recharging this is!

I am harbouring a bit of guilt over my other Exciting Prospect... for the first time ever I am going away (as in Properly Away!) with a girlfriend for a whole week in Morocco. We have 6 days walking in the Atlas Mountains and a couple of days in Marrakech. I am sooo looking forward to it - a chance to see somewhere completely different and well away from home and work, no chance of a sneaky email 'catch up'...

Will take photos and let you know how I get on!!

Now, think I'd better do a bit of calming hooky ripples!!!


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