Saturday, 15 January 2011

green shoots and empty nests...

Son 2 went back to uni today. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy he's there and loving it and has grown enormously in confidence in the 18 months he's been there. After all this is the boy who struggled to achieve his potential all through school and was very nearly not going to apply at all. He did and it's been the making of him.

And...if I'm honest, having 3 grown up boys, two of whom have been living pretty independently, under one roof has its drawbacks! The food bill, the washing, catering for varying numbers largely by guesswork...

But, I wouldn't have it any other way of course! I love them all being around, I love the fact that they are establishing their own opinions and views on life and the world and I like their company, even if we don't all agree all the time! 

And when they go...'s not just their rooms that feel empty.

Worse today, because I would normally do the run back but because of the wretched leg driving 400 mile round trip seemed a bad idea, so his dad has taken him. And son 1 & 3 are both at work, so the house is sooo quiet.

So I have Been that always seems the best course of action to distract the mind. I have been washing, hoovering, changing beds and even washed the floors while there are no feet around! All of which brings a certain satisfaction but now the wretched leg is hurting again so have retired to the sofa for a cuppa and a bit of hooky time.

I had hoped it might be a nice day today - we had the most stunning sunset last night...

 so I was hoping for "Red sky at night, shepherds delight..." but no - more of the same dull, grey skies. It is mild though, and not raining so I feel I shouldn't complain.

And, on my little wander round the garden I did find these...

I have never had much joy with snowdrops. I put them in when we first moved into this house and over the last 17-18 years they have managed to move themselves from in front of the apple tree to in front of the plum tree (about 6 feet! I presume they must have had some help...) and I have never had more than 3 flowers! This year there are a few more shoots coming up so we'll see! But even these 3 are sweet - pity I couldn't get a better shot. (am really going to put a better camera on my birthday wish list this year!).

And then I spotted...

This window box lives outside the living room window - I know it looks a bit dingy and the bedding plants have definitely had it but there's no denying these are Green Shoots and that must mean spring is on the way! Hurrah!

And I did start the day with JUICE!

My juicer had been moved out of the kitchen before Christmas and somehow hadn't made it back but spurred on by a bowlful of slightly tired looking fruit that the boys have been ignoring for a while I reinstated it this morning. I appreciate this may not look that appealing but it was YUM! Tinglingly fresh and invigorating - just what I needed. Combination of carrot, apple, pink grapefruit, satsuma, celery, cucumber, orange and ginger with a handful of leftover blueberries thrown in for good measure. Delish!!! Note to self - must try harder to get back into regular juicing. The problem is... it is a faff. Don't believe anyone who says it takes no time - it does! Unless you have someone to prepare the fruit and veg for you and wash up the machine, then it is a palava - and on a working day I simply cannot get up half an hour earlier to make juice (plus the motor on mine is so noisy, I would be VERY unpopular if I started making juice at 6am!!!). But it is delicious and feels like a Healthy thing to do so I am going to try to at least use it at weekends.

And the plus of having the house to myself is that I can indulge in some nice quiet hooky time - ripple blanket update...

I had been having a few qualms about this blanket - not quite sure if I was in love with it enough to have it in my bedroom but now I've tested it in situ I feel happy with it again. You can see it is a biggy - it hangs well over both sides of the bed - long way to go yet!!

Finally... I've really enjoyed looking at other bloggers seasonal views so thought I would do likewise and try to capture a mid-month photo of my garden. This is the view I see if I stand at my living room window...

Not much colour here just now, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes through the seasons.


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