Monday, 10 January 2011

Crochet 2010

I came across Lucy's blog at Attic 24 about 18 months ago and felt inspired to pick up a crochet hook again after what must have been about a 30 year gap! I never quite managed to make anything come out the right shape when I first learnt and at that time was much more in to sewing so let the crochet go. But...Lucy's tutorials are so clear that it seemed much more achievable and I got 'hooked' - literally! Over the past year or so, I have made lots of mostly Attic 24 inspired hooky projects and thought I would post them here for reference. Actually, when looked back it made me feel 2010 has been a much more productive year than I thought! I don't have photos of everything I have made but this is a selection of the things I've had most pleasure out of:


These two cushions were the first things I attempted, some of the colours a bit dodgy as I started with bits and pieces of yarn I already had in my 'just in case' box! I backed them with old jumpers as per Lucy's instructions and felt very pleased with myself as they brighten up my tired old cane chairs no end.

Next came my first big project - and my first blanket! I did buy yarn for this one but in dribs and drabs so there is a bit of a mix of colours as I couldn't always get an exact match. Bit of a learning curve here...
Most of the colours are Rowan handknit cotton and I love, love, LOVE this blanket! I really like the feel of the yarn and it ends up with a nice weight to it as well as being lovely and soft. As you can see the edging is a bit wobbly - not exactly sure what I did but I think I must have done one to many clusters so it has a slight frilly look to it, but I don't mind.

It doesn't usually live on my bed but on the cane sofa in the conservatory with another couple of cushions for company!

Living in a houseful of boys, there is only so much crochet you can get away with (although I keep sneaking bits in around the place...) but this chair in the kitchen was desperate for a colourful friend!

The colours haven't come out very well in this pic - and if I'm honest the cushion is just a bit big for the chair but hey-ho...I like it! I should have taken a pic of the back too - for this one I knitted a randomly stripy back from the left over ends of the balls of yarn. Maybe I'll add a photo some time.

Next I made a ripple blanket for my sister's surprise 3rd baby, from Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino - again a dream to work with but seriously not an economy option! I don't have a photo of that blanket as it is in use with baby nephew! But I had some yarn over so made this little blanket from the left overs (plus a few! why do you always end up having to buy a bit more when you are trying to use up the ends!)

This was copied from a photo on Attic 24 without a pattern so I was pleased with the end result although I don't think I quite got the edging right. It's not very big, sort of car seat sized I think - so am keeping it stored for the next special baby that comes along!

In an attempt to use up my left over Rowan cottons I started a granny stripe blanket but of course had to get more yarn - again! I have not dared add up how much I've spent on yarn this year...and certainly cannot confess to himself! Suffice to say this year am going for economy yarn and must, must, must restrict the spending!

I do like this blanket but, as you can see, its not really big enough for the bed! Soo...current WIP is the BIG ripple blanket I mentioned in an earlier post. This is going to be one seriously sized blanket and may well take me all year! I am using Stylecraft DK, 100% acrylic - primarily cos I had already bought a big bag and because its so much more affordable. 

I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to buy the dubious beige-y colour at the front but I have promised myself I will use what I have so am hoping the odd stripe will get lost in the other colours!! So far I've done 10 very l-o-o-o-n-g ripply stripes - the foundation chain was 280 long! Long way to go but this one will definitely cover the bed!

So all in all, quite a productive year! I've also managed a bit of knitting for myself, my sister and new baby and sewed up a dress that I cut out (embarrassed to say this...) about 5 years ago! It no longer stands any hope of fitting my niece - 10 now and definitely not into pretty flowery dresses!! But it sold at the auction of a charity for people with lung conditions I support so not all bad!

What I haven't managed so successfully is to crack on with my dissertation which is definitely a must-do this year!!! The trouble is hooky time is soo much more relaxing...

Last look at my little pile of 2010 blankets...


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