Monday, 31 January 2011

little things...

Sometimes the little things are the best.

Today, we (son 1 and I) spent a couple of hours in the city - a little bit of birthday shopping, a little bit of woolly shopping and a lot of chatting.

Feels as though we haven't done this for ages and it was so nice to spend a bit of time with my first boy, who has so quickly become a truly lovely young man.

We talked of dreams and hopes, laughed about family quirks and just 'enjoyed'.

Delicious strong coffee and dark, sticky ginger cake in my favourite coffee stop, and a Choice of gluten free cakes for B! Always a cause for excitement, although definitely more common now than it used to be. (he went for cherry and almond muffin, by the way, and proclaimed it delicious)

Cold, bright winter sunshine lighting up the catkins on the hazel tree...

It looked like it was dripping with gold tassels; winter treasure.

The rest of the day was consumed with usual 'day off' tasks - cleaning, washing, cooking, sorting bills etc - not so enjoyable in themselves but a definite sense of achievement when the house is  clean, the finances are as in order as they'll ever be and the beds are made up with fresh, smooth sheets...

Which is exactly where I am off to now...


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